Les Salons d’Isabelle

Next Salons d’Isabelle:

*Coco Chanel en Suisse*

Thursday, 15 June 2017

7.30 – 10 PM

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Registration will close on 8 June 2017

A ”salon” is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.

Les Salons d’Isabelle are inspired by the ones held by Madame de Staël at Le Château de Coppet for more than 25 years. After the French Revolution, this French woman of Swiss origin gathered round her a considerable number of writers, philosophers, scientists, politicians, musicians, and artists in order to exchange ideas and expand their knowledge.

This VIP Speakeasy à la française welcomes language aficionados who are interested in discussing interesting topics and meeting other French & English language enthusiasts!

What are Les Salons d’Isabelle?

Les Salons d’Isabelle are bilingual conversation and networking events with a central theme related to the francophone world being discussed in French & English, to everyone’s enlightenment!

Isabelle, founder & language coach at Prêt à Parler Geneva, will introduce the topic and lead conversation and networking games to help you dare to speak while having fun! 

No need to be a connoisseur of the subject to take part in the Salons: all curious hedonists are welcome!

Who Can Attend?

50 epicurean francophiles and anglophiles with a good command of French and English (A1.2 level minimum) who want to take part in a select, yet friendly event. 

Not sure what your level of French is?  Test it here.

Not sure what your level of English is?  Test it here.

When and where will the salons be held?

Two Salons will be held every year, one in June and one in November.

Exact dates and locations of our VIP Speakeasy à la française will be announced via our Newsletter, blog, and FB page one month prior to the event.  

Mais chuuut! C’est une surprise!

Do I have to buy my ticket ahead of time?

As the spots are limited to 50, we recommend that you purchase your ticket as soon as possible in order to secure your participation. Registration will close on 9 June.

Get your ticket now!

What is included in my ticket?

  • One glass of champagne
  • Cocktail dinatoire:
    • Delicious savoury finger food created for you by Hotel Tiffany’s excellent chef
    • Scrumptious gourmandises (sweet treats)
    • Wine, water, tea & coffee
  • An introduction to the chosen topic, Coco Chanel in Switzerland, presented by your hostess, Isabelle, Founder & Language Coach at Prêt à Parler
  • Fun conversation & networking games in French and in English led by Isabelle
  • One special Les Salons d’Isabelle giftbag per participant

How much is it?

Participation fee for Les Salons d’Isabelle is 69 CHF.

Prêt à Parler clients who booked Madame de Staël Language Program will be granted free access to Les Salons d’Isabelle.

Get your ticket now!

Do I have to dress up?

As for any special event, we recommend that you dress elegantly to enjoy even more the memorable time you will spend with us! 

**Dress code for our event in June: Black & White Elegance, à la Coco Chanel.**

I love the idea!

Can I book your services for a private party?

Volontiers! We would be delighted to create a special Speakeasy à la française for you and your guests.  Here are a few topic ideas for a memorable salon:

  • La cuisine française/suisse
  • Le parfum
  • L’opéra
  • Le chocolat Favarger
  • La vie à Genève
  • Madame de Staël et les Salons de conversation
  • À la découverte du Québec

Do you have a special request or idea in mind? Please contact us for more information and to make the magic happen!