FIDE dossier class example with SUper Prof Sandra

In this video our Super Prof Sandra presents what does a typical FIDE dossier preparation class look like with her!

The FIDE dossier is an interview exam for anyone above 16 with a B1 level at minimum, mostly aimed at students. You can also take it if you have a French language level certificate that isn’t recognized by the Swiss authorities.

Sandra is a FIDE specialist who has helped many students pass their FIDE exam and their FIDE dossier interview. If you need help with your French exam preparation, Prêt à Parler is here to answer all of your French needs!

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Bonjour, ici Sandra de Prêt à Parler et aujord'hui je vais vous présenter un example de class pour le Dossier FIDE.

So this is an example of a class I gave to a student who wanted to pass his FIDE Dossier. So as you can see, we start easy, a little warm up in French. Hello, how are you? Tell me about your day. So this helps the student in question go into French mode, as I like to call that.

Then I present a plan And so that day he had to do a homework and we started with that, so I gave him my correction the day before and we talked about what needed to be reviewed grammar wise. And what needed to be reviewed were the marqueurs temporels, so how to express frequency, these are en, pour, pendant, il y a, so since, ago, for. All of that.

So we did a little bit of exercise there, we started with some online exercises after I presented him with the grammar. Afterwards what we did was to work on the classical questions for the Dossier FIDE. So we actually worked on the extract of his dossier that he had sent beforehand. So I asked him questions, the same questions as in the dossier and he tried to basically make sense of what he had written.

So, he tried to explain how how he was part of une association he was a member of a club. So the question was "est-ce que votre enfant est lié(e) une activité associative, sportive et/ou culturelle? So, he also had to work a bit on, as you can see, on linking words - d'abord, ensuite, puis, enfin - to structure his speech.

We worked a bit on frequency, because of the clubs he went, so I go to the club once a month, twice a month, things like that. Every week, every month. We reviewed a bit of that also.

As you can see we also did questions on médias, on the festivities or the different celebrations that you have in Switzerland. And basically we went over all the questions that he had answered to to send the dossier.

The last one was pour quelles raisons souhaitez-vouz devenir Suisse? Why do you wish to become Swiss? So, he had written some things, quite interesting, very well structured, but when I asked him a question we had to work a little bit on his spoken French.

So there you have it. This is an example of a class with me on the Dossier FIDE.

I wish you a good day. Bye. Au revoir à tous.

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