English For Everyday Life (L’anglais pour la vie quotidienne)

Business English (L’anglais du monde des affaires)

(Niveaux A2-C2)

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La mission de Prêt à Parler est de vous donner les bons outils pour que vous osiez enfin parler anglais en toute confiance! 

Notre approche est personnalisée et modulable selon vos souhaits, priorités et obligations.

Notre force:                                   La conversation et la prononciation anglaise pour les francophones

Notre avantage:                           Apprenez sans avoir à vous déplacer, de la maison ou du bureau

Notre flexibilité :                        Réservez ou reportez vos leçons grâce à notre système de réservation en ligne

Notre service de qualité:         Améliorez votre anglais avec nos excellents coachs bilingues

Notre petit plus :                        Continuez à pratiquer entre vos leçons sur notre plateforme de formation en ligne

Private English Lessons is the perfect solution for you if:

  • You learned English many years ago, but don’t remember much of it.
  • You master the basics of English, but would like to improve your conversation and pronunciation skills to feel more confident when speaking English.
  • You already have a good command of English, but must improve to a professional level (B2-C2) in order to enhance your current profile or increase your chances of getting a better job on the competitive Swiss market.
  • You are currently looking for a new job, but feel stuck as most positions based in or outside your region require a professional level of English (B2 minimum).
  • You want to learn how to speak up in meetings, get comfortable with small talk, improve your listening skills, practice negotiating, learn to debate, or gain confidence in public speaking.
  • You would like to improve your writing, learn industry-specific vocabulary, enhance and practice your interviewing skills.
  • You are very busy and already bored or apprehensive at the thought of attending a traditional language class.
  • You already took private English coaching sessions in the past, but were disappointed as the teacher only spoke French and couldn’t relate to your struggle of learning a new language.
  • You need personalized lessons that reflect exactly what your needs or priorities may be, and wish to receive individualized attention and detailed feedback.
  • You are working on sensitive materials you do not wish to share publicly.
  • You need more flexibility to schedule your lesson time and location around your home or work obligations.


Our outstanding language coaches are here to help you unlock your potential with solutions adapted to your learning style and priorities.

Private language coaching is a fast, effective, and reliable way to learn a new language or perfect your skills. Our intensive courses are carefully planned to address your needs and structured to help you focus specifically on trouble areas or difficulties you may be encountering in your daily practice.

Our flexible language training programs will be adapted to fit your unique goals and objectives, your busy work schedule, and your various family obligations. Our team will work with you in order to find the most suitable dates, times, and location for your private language coaching session.

Here is a list of the things we can do during your private coaching sessions:

  • Introduce yourself and talk about your family
  • Ask for information and answer simple questions
  • Answer the phone and book appointments
  • Express your opinion on various subjects
  • Improve your writing skills (email, official letters, correspondence…)
  • Be more efficient and confident in everyday situations (grocery shopping, eating out, using public transports…)
  • Discover and better understand the culture and traditions in the English Speaking World
  • Review and consolidate the fundamentals of English to bring you to the next level
  • Acquire new vocabulary on various interesting topics related to your everyday life in Geneva
  • Get plenty of speaking practice time and feedback on your pronunciation
  • Boost your confidence and improve your English conversation skills
  • Translate your CV into English for the Swiss market
  • Write a powerful motivation letter in English
  • Prepare yourself for an interview in English and test your language skills through mock interviews
  • Improve your performance by receiving constructive feedback
  • Receive valuable tips on English pronunciation to stop making the same mistakes

Two months ago, I couldn’t answer simple questions in English and now I can! Isabelle helped me improve my grammar, pronunciation, business vocabulary, and small talk. She’s a dynamic and engaged teacher whose interactive learning method provides really positive and satisfactory results from the very first class.

Samantha Cavallo, Interior Designer (Geneva)


Le prix de nos programmes linguistiques débute à 1,235 CHF ou 433 CHF par mois.

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Veuillez  nous contacter pour plus d’informations à propos de nos prix pour les leçons semi-privées (particuliers) et pour les entreprises.

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Nous serons ravis d’évaluer votre niveau d’anglais et de vous recommander le programme linguistique le plus approprié à vos besoins.

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