Never, Ever Give Up!

Are you sometimes thinking about giving up on learning French because it feels too difficult? Let me share a little personal story about life’s challenges.

Three years ago, my husband and I moved to Geneva. It was wonderful and so scary at the same time as I had to start everything all over again: making new friends, building my business, and… finding my place in this Swiss music world as an opera singer. (Yes, I’m also a classical singer, in case you didn’y already know!)

For the first one and a half year here, I wasn’t able to sing as I had nowhere to practice since the man living downstairs couldn’t tolerate any noise and made my life hell every time I tried to sing. I have been psychologically harrassed on a daily basis for more than a year by a man who definitely enjoyed undermining my private life and my confidence as a singer. It was a really stressful and distressing time. #metoo

Luckily, I didn’t give up (even though I thought about it several times!) and finally found a little music school close to my apartment. The owner was the sweetest lady on earth and offered me to use one of her studios with piano whenever I needed it. I could sing my heart out and slowly get back into shape vocally. Then, I met several wonderful pianists, coaches, and conductors with whom I was able to rebuild my confidence as a singer. Such a welcome stroke of serendipity!

It’s Never Too Late To Carpe The Diem!

One and a half year ago, I was so discouraged and distressed that I couldn’t even see myself performing again. Yet, with hard work, perseverance, and the opportunities offered by wonderful people, I have performed in Canada, South Korea, Japan, France, and Switzerland, sharing the stage with the most amazing performers, performing incredibly beautiful repertoire, and enjoying every single moment of it.

If life gives you lemon, make lemonade. If someone gives you grief, cry a little and then try to talk about it with them, but if ever they try to prevent you from being the beautiful person that you normally are, fight back! Never, ever give up!

I hope my story will inspire you to embrace the challenges and obstacles life will inevitably put in front of you. There is always a lesson to learn from other people’s bullshit: love yourself because you are better than this!

Singing From The Heart

I would like to share with you one of my last performances in Geneva. When I sang this Laudamus Te by Mozart, I felt fearless, thrilled, and ready to tackle anything musically! I also felt incredibly grateful to all the people who believed in me and kept encouraging me, no matter what.

Are you wondering what a classical singer sounds like? (No, we never use microphones! We don’t need to!)

We sing from the heart, using our rib cage, maximum lung capacity, facial resonators, and entire body to project a huge, yet very controlled amount of sound through the biggest concert halls. It is incredible how powerful our tiny, delicate vocal cords can be! Did you know that they aren’t bigger than your little finger’s nail? Incroyable!

Mon prochain concert à Genève

Would you like to attend a beautiful concert in Cologny this Friday?

Je suis ravie de vous inviter à mon prochain concert qui aura lieu le 24 novembre, à 20h00, à l’Église Saint-Paul de Cologny.

Un rendez-vous musical à ne pas manquer!

L’histoire derrière La Grande Messe de Bruckner

Si vous êtes un(e) mélomane (un amateur de musique), vous serez sans aucun doute intéressé(e) par l’histoire derrière la composition de La Grande Messe de Bruckner.  Ce dernier était dévasté lorsqu’il a perdu ses deux premiers enfants pour cause de maladies infantiles (childhood illnesses).  Quelques temps (some time) après la naissance d’un troisième enfant qui, lui, a survécu (survived), il a décidé de composer cette messe magnifique afin de (in order to) remercier Dieu pour le bonheur, l’espoir et le réconfort que ce nouvel enfant a su apporter (was able to bring) à ses parents.  Que d’émotions intenses ressenties dans cette messe sublime!

I hope you are inspired to let more musical events part of your everyday life in your French speaking country.


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