Preparation for the fide test e-course

Prepare independently to succeed at your fide test for Permis C & Swiss naturalisation

Preparation for the fide test e-course

Prepare independently to succeed at your fide test for Permis C & Swiss naturalisation

Permis C / Swiss naturalisation

Permis C / Swiss naturalisation

Are you a resident of one of the 7 French-speaking cantons of Switzerland? If your goal is to live here on a long-term basis, you've probably realised that you'll have to apply for your Permis C or Swiss naturalisation in the near future. Here are a few issues you will unfortunately encounter...

  • All the information relating to your application is in French, which makes it quite challenging and rather confusing to begin.
  • If you do not have the right level of French yet, how can you avoid spending a fortune on lawyers, relocation agencies, and translators?
  • If you already have a good command of French, how can you avoid the frustration of wasting your precious time in this maze of information?

Prepare for Success with Prêt à Parler!


Successfully prepare for this Swiss exam with our e-course:

  • Easily find all the relevant information you need, in both English and French, to help you start your application process.
  • Follow our step-by-step guide to successfully prepare for the comprehension, listening, and written parts of the A1, A2 and B1 exams.

What's included?

Click on each section to discover what your yearly subscription to our preparation program will include :

Most important information for Permis C and Swiss naturalisation application process

  • Information, brochures and application forms for all 7 French-speaking cantons of Switzerland, available in both English and French

Everything you need to know about the exam!

  • Super Prof Yohann's special preparation webinar
  • Clear explanations about the format of the oral and written exams
  • An official mock exam with audio files and answer sheet
  • The official list of institutions where you can book your exam

12 modules designed to help you nail your A1, A2 or B1 exams!

Review and consolidate all the key grammar and vocabulary points you will need to succeed at your exams, using the most commonly asked scenarios.

Follow our video recorded lessons with Super Prof Yohann and keep improving independently with our accompanying review sheets, exercises, and answer sheets.

  1. 1
    Introducing yourself and your family
  2. 2
    Your past (how to talk about your childhood, studies, professional experience, move to Switzerland)
  3. 3
    Your health (how to talk about the Swiss health system)
  4. 4
    Your schedule (how to make/cancel appointments on the phone & via email)
  5. 5
    Your home (how to talk about your house/apartment, your household chores)
  6. 6
    Your neighbourhood (how to talk about your neighbours and your integration in the Swiss society)
  7. 7
    Your crèche/school (how to interact with your children's educators and teachers)
  8. 8
    Your shopping habits (how to interact in person and via social media when buying/selling something)
  9. 9
    Your work (how to talk about your position and responsibilities)
  10. 10
    Your job search (how to talk about the Swiss job market)
  11. 11
    Your opinions (how to express your opinion on everyday life situations)
  12. 12
    Your proposals (how to invite/suggest something in a polite way)

Special Bonus Section

  • Tips from our Super Profs on how to succeed and avoid known exam pitfalls
  • A list of typical fide topics
  • Fun facts, quizzes and games to test your knowledge of the Swiss history, political system, geography, culture, and current affairs


Follow this course to prepare independently for the test comprehension, listening and writing parts. For more in-depth learning and guaranteeed success at the oral exam, we highly recommend to take private online French lessons with our Super Profs.

Which level do you need for the exam?

  • A1 à l'oral - Regroupement familial: pour l'octroi et la prolongation d'une autorisation de séjour (B). 
  • A2 à l'oral / A1 à l'écrit - Regroupement familial: pour l'octroi de l'autorisation d'établissement (C).
  • A2 à l'oral / A1 à l'écrit - Pour l'octroi de l'autorisation d'établissement (C). 
  • B1 à l'oral / A1 à l'écrit - Pour l'octroi anticipé de l'autorisation d'établissement (C). 
  • B1 à l'oral / A2 à l'écrit - Pour l'acquisition de la nationalité suisse (les exigences cantonales peuvent être plus élevées).

Need a more in-depth preparation for the oral test ? Learn more about our private lessons

Preparation for the fide test e-course

CHF 1,055

or 2 x CHF 532

  • 12-month access to the fide test preparation e-course
  • 12-month access to our starter course "French For Everyday Life"

Need a more in-depth preparation for the fide oral test ? Learn more about our private lessons

Disclaimer: Prêt à Parler CH does not carry out fide tests and is not yet accredited for any of the fide procedures. However, our team of Super Profs has been helping our clients to successfully pass their fide test in Suisse romande since January 2019. Our online preparation program for the fide test, blog articles, social media posts and videos are meant to help fide applicants better understand and prepare for their exam.

Delighting Our Clients Is Our Daily Mission

The best way to prepare for success is to combine the e-course with private online French lessons with our Super Profs.

We have helped more than 350 expats like you since 2015. Our success rate is 100%!

I decided to strengthen my French skills and got 5 classes of one-to-one coaching, before my Swiss FIDE exam. Aurore was my teacher. She was extremely attentive, listened to my needs, adjusted her style, and gave amazing tips & tricks for how to handle fide exams.

Thanks to outstanding Aurore's coaching, I was able to pass B1 level in both written and verbal communication, with very high scores! BIG THANKS to the full team, and highly recommended not only as a preparation for fide exams, but for overall improvement of French language skills.

Mindaugas Zeromskis - Global Brand Director at Procter & Gamble

I have tried other methods, but Prêt à Parler is the best! The programme and the material are engaging and the Super Profs are magnificent! Brice is absolutely brilliant! He has earned the title of being called a 'Super Prof'. He is knowledgeable, kind, charming, and patient and clearly, the student's stupidity does not phase him. He remains encouraging and supportive! I highly recommend improving your French online with Prêt à Parler. I passed A2 for Oral and B1 for Reading and Writing with the Exam Express Programme!


In just five Zoom sessions, Super Prof Yohann was able to efficiently assess my starting level and development areas and prepare me for the FIDE exam, which I took with confidence and passed on first try. Beyond FIDE exam prep, I would recommend Prêt à Parler to all expats in the Swiss Romande region as learning the local language will improve your quality of life and reduce the number of daily moments and insights "lost in translation".

Andrew Kim - International Launch Lead & GM Nordics at Blueprint Medicines

I had a great experience with regards to preparing for the French Fide exam in Switzerland. I would especially like to thank Sandra, my professor! Her approach worked very well for me as she made sure I focus on learning by doing. She tailored the course material according to my needs. Sandra found a good balance between helping me improve my overall French language skills and preparing specifically for FIDE Exam. Thanks once again to Sandra and Prêt à Parler team!

Manu Jindal

To prepare for the FIDE exam, I decided to try out Prêt à Parler. BEST DECISION EVER! My super prof is Vincent and he helped me every step of the way. He is professional and incredibly patient, he really helped to make the process of learning and preparing fun and enjoyable. I can happily say that I achieved B1 for both the oral and written exam.  I enjoyed learning with Prêt à Parler so much that I decided to continue with super prof Vincent to further strengthen my French.

Elizna van Zyl

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