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Would you like to see how we could help you prepare for success? In this free lesson, our Super Prof Yohann, one of our fide test specialists, will tell you all about the fide test format as well as how to best prepare for it.

Since January 2019, foreign nationals (i.e. residents of Switzerland who are not Swiss citizens) whose mother tongue isn’t French must provide a proof of the required French level proficiency in order to obtain their Permis C or Swiss Naturalisation.

Learning French isn’t a “luxury” anymore and failing to prove that you can speak, read, write and understand French well enough could jeopardise your ability to stay in Switzerland in the long term.

Our team of Super Profs, all fide test specialists, has developed a special program to help you prepare for this very important exam. We make sure you acquire all the right language tools to feel confident and ready to pass this exam “haut la main” (with flying colours)!

Learn independently with our fide Test Preparation E-course or fast forward your preparation with private lessons with one of our Super Profs.

What is « fide »?

fide stands for Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Switzerland's official languages, and was originally developed by the Institute of Multilingualism in Freiburg, on behalf of the Confederation. The fide test was developed in order to promote linguistic integration in Switzerland.

The end goal of the fide test is to provide Swiss residents who speak other languages with an opportunity to develop and provide proof of their competency in the official language of the canton where they live.

fide vs delf

The Swiss fide test is similar to the French DELF A1/A2/B1 exams in its format, but slightly easier to succeed at as it focuses mainly on situations which can happen in your everyday life, with special emphasis on actions and needs. Another good reason to obtain your fide Passeport des langues (as opposed to the DELF certificates) is that its content is based on everyday life situations, which is definitely something useful to all Permis C and Swiss naturalisation applicants.

Also, as the fide test certificate if valid for life, it is indeed worth investing in an efficient preparation program which will assert your success.

Free 60-minute fide test webinar!

Access to our fide test webinar includes a Fiche pratique (review sheet) which you can access any time you want via your private profile on our e-learning system.

In this fide test webinar, you will:

  • Learn what to expect and how to prepare for the oral and written exams
  • Get a walk-through of the various sections of a typical fide test (oral and written parts)
  • See some examples of typical questions asked by examiners during the oral exam

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