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All our teachers are French language exam preparation experts!

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Isabelle Nicolas - Founder & CEO

Isabelle - Prêt à Parler team

Areas of expertise:

  • French pronunciation for English speakers
  • French For Everyday Life & Business French
  • fide Preparation for Permis C and Swiss Naturalisation
  • *Coming Soon*  Group Conversation Lessons

As a native Québécoise, born to a Franco-Belgian family, now living in Nyon with her two children, Isabelle is no stranger to the expat reality! Trained as a professional opera singer, her passion for arts and languages led her to become an ambassador of the French language & francophone culture, i.e. a French Teacher!

She founded Prêt à Parler in January 2015. Since then she's been hard at work helping native and non-native English-speaking expats make French part of their everyday life! Prêt à Parler's mission is based on what Isabelle does best: helping busy professionals and parents improve their language skills by providing a high quality, eco-friendly, fun, no-nonsense approach to learning French online!

Watch one of Isabelle's pronunciation videos

Yohann Coussot

Yohann - Prêt à Parler Team

Areas of expertise:

  • fide Preparation for Permis C and Swiss Naturalisation
  • French For Everyday Life & Business French
  • Beginner to intermediate levels (A0-B2)

Do you sometimes think that learning French is a laboriously boring endeavour and you have thought about giving up several times? If so, you’ve got to work with Yohann. He is the perfect example of Prêt à Parler’s motto: we take learning French seriously, but without taking ourselves too seriously!

Originally from Dijon, France, Yohann has been teaching FLE since 2012 and he totally digs what the French call the “Anglo-Saxon humour” as he has lived in England, in New Zealand and... in China! He is fluent in English and speaks Standard Mandarin. Since joining our team in 2018, he has helped to create our French Toolbox, Preparation for the fide test e-course and other learning programs.

Interesting facts about Yohann:

  • Yohann loves travelling, discovering completely different cultures from his own, learning and improving new languages.
  • His father was a world champion in… crossbow!
  • He plays lots of sports such as rock climbing, hiking, trail running, and… darts

Why learn with Yohann?

Watch one of Yohann's business French webinars

Our favorite testimonial about Yohann!

"I've had bad experiences with other teachers outside of Prêt à Parler who were not encouraging me to speak more. When mistakes were done, they were correcting with a demotivating manner. However my Super Prof Yohann is simply a delight to work with! He encourages me to speak up and when I make mistakes, he corrects them understandably, which motivates me to do better next time. He is simply amazing! Do not waste your precious family & work time with other institutions! PàP is the golden key to unlock your confidence and knowledge to speak French!"

Aysegul Karsli - Global Brand Director P&G

Brice Béjuit

Brice - Prêt à Parler Team

Areas of expertise:

  • French For Everyday Life & Business French
  • fide Preparation for Permis C and Swiss Naturalisation
  • Official examiner for fide & DELF
  • Conversational Classes
  • All levels (A1-C1)

Do you want to learn French so you can order a glass of wine? Be able to communicate easily with friends, family or colleagues? Or prepare French exams?

With our teacher Brice, you will learn French in engaging, tailor made and fun lessons ! Brice lived and worked in London for 8 years and his solid experience in different language institutions (King's College London/London Business School/ Language schools) allows him to always adapt the pace and create enjoyable lessons based on communicative method. There is always a touch of humor in his classes because yes, « we can have fun learning French ! » .

Brice is currently living in Lyon and also speaks English and Spanish.

Interesting facts about Brice:

  • Brice loves travelling and discovering new cultures. His favourite destinations ? The ones he hasn’t discovered yet !
  • He used to be a tennis coach.
  • He learned the quechua language for a job in an Ecuadorian school.

Why learn with Brice?

Watch "La Pause Café" avec Brice

Our favorite testimonial about Brice!

"Brice is a fantastic teacher! He's incredibly patient and reassuring. I loved the fact I could choose lesson times around my schedule and the personalised approach to lessons suited me perfectly. Just get in touch Prêt à Parler. You'll be matched with the right teacher for your style, your objectives, and your level."

Imogen Hitchcock - Entrepreneur

Laurence Michelot

Laurence - Prêt à Parler team

Areas of expertise:

  • DELF/DALF Preparation
  • TCF Preparation
  • French For Everyday Life
  • Beginner to advance levels (A0-C1)

Laurence is originally from the South of France and has always had itchy feet! She has indeed travelled to more than twenty countries and has lived in Canada, Ireland, Spain, Italy, the Republic of Maldives, Belgium and Laos! She also loves teaching, cooking and is very keen on scuba diving.

Qualifications & Experience

Laurence holds a Degree in Applied Languages and translation Studies (French-English-Spanish) and an Elementary school Master’s Degree. She also holds DELF/DALF and TCF corrector certificates so she will be more than happy to help you train for these exams if you need it. She has been teaching French as a second language since 2012 in 5 different countries, in International Schools and Universities, Alliances Françaises, French Institutes and two online schools.

Teaching Methodology

Laurence adapts her classes to each student’s needs and uses varied teaching material which makes the learning process more interesting and interactive. She often uses genuine documents such as TV documentaries, advertisements, songs, novel extracts, French newspapers ...

She is also keen on using games to teach French because she knows the more fun you have learning a language, the more you will remember what has been covered in class. Her aim is to make you progress in a positive and relaxed atmosphere which will allow you to excel in French!

Why learn with Laurence?

Watch Laurence's Weekly French Quiz Videos

Our favorite testimonial about Laurence!

"My Super Prof Laurence is amazing. I really enjoy our time together. She's very patient and positive - we also have a lot of fun. I've attempted normal conversation groups but never advanced. I wasn't sure if Prêt à Parler would be similar, but was happy to know it wasn't! I recommend anyone to book a trial lesson with Prêt à Parler, you have nothing to lose! Classes are very interactive covering grammar, reading, listening, and speaking."

Tiffany Lee

Vincent Moog

Vincent - Prêt à Parler Team

Areas of expertise:

  • French for Everyday Life : A0 - B2
  • FOS: Français sur Objectif Spécifique
  • DELF exams: A1 - B2
  • fide Preparation for Permis C and Swiss Naturalisation

Vincent is from a lovely French region called Alsace-Moselle but has itchy feet and is often travelling around Europe. He speaks French, English and Spanish and has knowledge of other languages that he acquired during his teaching career.

With more than 7 years of experience teaching French in private schools, universities and other institutions, Vincent can adapt his classes and methodology to different levels to reach specific goals and purposes.

Interesting facts about Vincent:

  • He is the co-founder of a successful language school in England which was acquired by an important institution in January 2020. 
  • Over the years he has developed his own materials and teaching method which is now used in different locations in the United Kingdom.

Why learn with Vincent?

Our favorite testimonial about Vincent!

"Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

To prepare for the FIDE exam, I decided to try out Prêt à Parler. BEST DECISION EVER! My super prof is Vincent and he helped me every step of the way. He is professional and incredibly patient, he really helped to make the process of learning and preparing fun and enjoyable. I can happily say that I achieved B1 for both the oral and written exam. I enjoyed learning with Prêt à Parler so much that I decided to continue with super prof Vincent to further strengthen my French.

I would highly recommend Prêt à Parler, other than Vincent, I’ve had interactions with Isabelle and Lovely and have found them to be incredibly helpful and professional."

Elizna van Zyl - Accountant

Aurore Francq

Aurore - Prêt à Parler Team

Areas of expertise:

  • French For Everyday Life & Business French
  • All levels (A0-C2)
  • French language exam preparation
  • Concentration booster

Aurore is passionate about learning and teaching languages as she believes it is a great way to open one’s mind, to broaden our life experiences on a personal and/or professional level. She enjoys sharing her love for the French language with her students and her biggest reward is to see them grow happier and more confident in French with her.

Born in Belgium, Aurore has been teaching French and English since 2004. A DAEFLE (French) and TOEFL (English) specialist, she has great experience teaching with levels, ages and cultures. She is convinced that developing self-confidence when learning a language is what matters the most. Aurore makes sure to give her students the right tools and means to succeed in their learning process whilst taking into consideration their life context and self-motivation.

Interesting facts about Aurore:

  • She did a BA in Sociology and Spanish in Cambridge.
  • She was a resident for almost 10 years in Granada (Spain) and now lives in Bratislava (Slovakia).
  • She is fluent in Spanish and is now learning Slovak.

Why learn with Aurore?

Our favorite testimonial about Aurore!

"Prêt à Parler exceeded all my expectations.

I decided to strengthen my French skills and got 5 classes of one-to-one coaching, before my Swiss fide exam. Aurore was my teacher. She was extremely attentive, listened to my needs, adjusted her style, and gave amazing tips for how to handle fide exams.

Thanks to outstanding Aurore's coaching, I was able to pass B1 level in both written and verbal communication, with very high scores!

BIG THANKS to the full team, and highly recommended not only as a preparation for fide exams, but for overall improvement of French language skills."

Mindaugas Zeromskis

Felamihanta Rambeloarimanga alias Miha

Miha - Prêt à Parler Team

Areas of expertise:

  • Process Optimisation and Automation
  • Quality Assurance
  • IT Support

Miha is the brain behind all things related to the operation and optimisation of Prêt à Parler's services. She has been working super hard over the last two years to get us where we are right now.

Miha’s mother tongue is Malagasy or malgache and she is fluent in French. She has a passion for reading, especially crime novels, and she is currently improving her English language skills by listening to… the whole Sherlock Holmes collection, as recounted by Stephen Fry on Audible! She’s also a strong advocate for the protection of the lemurs. Did you know that these incredibly cute animals can only be found in Madagascar and are unfortunately part of the world’s 25 most endangered primates?

Don't hesitate to contact her at miha@pretaparler.ch if you have any questions about our e-learning platform and online processes.

Lovely Botardo-Navarro

Lovely - Prêt à Parler Team

Areas of expertise:

  • Customer Service
  • Admin Management
  • Lesson Scheduling

Lovely is our client onboarding superstar who takes care of all customer service-related, administrative and scheduling matters in Prêt à Parler.

Lovely is fluent in English and is currently learning French. She loves exploring her local culture and travels to as many beautiful local spots as possible. Her passion to help has always kept her driven. In fact, she has been in the customer service field for 12 years and she still feels excited whenever she is needed!

Feel free to reach out to her at lovely@pretaparler.ch if you need any assistance or if you have any questions about our services.

Disclaimer: Prêt à Parler CH does not carry out fide tests and is not yet accredited for any of the fide procedures. However, our team of Super Profs has been helping our clients to successfully pass their fide test in Suisse romande since January 2019. Our online preparation program for the fide test, blog articles, social media posts and videos are meant to help fide applicants better understand and prepare for their exam.