French Pronunciation & Conversation Lessons with our CEO,  Isabelle 

Simple hacks to master the art of French pronunciation and speak with confidence!

Have these goals been on your list for a while?

  • Feel confident when interacting with native French speakers
  • Be understood by the locals in everyday situations
  • Partake in enjoyable conversations in French without feeling self-conscious about the way you speak

Despite being key to speaking and being understood properly, basic French diction rules are rarely taught to French learners. But what if there was a simple, accessible and fun way to improve your French pronunciation ?

Online Learning with Isabelle


At Prêt à Parler, we believe that getting familiar with the basic French pronunciation rules is crucial to feel comfortable and confident when speaking French. It also considerably helps you dare to join the conversation.

  • Would you like to know how to pronounce the French “r” and “u” sounds, once and for all?
  • What about the tricky nasal sounds like “an, in, on, un”?
  • Would you like to understand why we hear a “z” and not an “s” when we pronounce “les enfants”?
  • Would you like to master the art of pronouncing or not the final consonants in expressions like "le pont du Mont-Blanc" and "la salade verte"?

Meet  Isabelle Nicolas , our CEO

Originally from Québec, Canada, Isabelle was born into a franco-belgian family and Suisse romande has become her home for the past 8 years. Trained as a professional opera singer, her passion for the arts and languages led her to become an ambassador of the French language and francophone culture, i.e. a French Teacher!

When she did her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Opera and Languages at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, she took a class which changed her life and has been extremely useful for her job as a teacher : French Diction for English Speakers. Her former and current clients used to call her the Diction Doctor as she always loved finding, creating and sharing the pronunciation tips which could help them get their speaking skills to the next level.

Make the Most of Your Precious Time in French

As a busy mum of two, Isabelle knows how precious and valuable your free time is and that is why she has prepared a special diction program which will only focus on what you really need. Finally feel more comfortable when speaking French, thanks to Isabelle's simple pronunciation hacks!

Every session with her will focus on your specific needs as well as the most common pronunciation challenges English-speaking expats experience when expressing themselves in French.

Flex your French muscles in an unconventional, yet memorable way and get ready for your upcoming exams or simply enjoy your life in French to the fullest!

Here are a few of the conversation and pronunciation topics Isabelle will be delighted to work on with you :

  1. 1
    Les sons spécifiques au français: le “r”
  2. 2
    Les sons spécifiques au français: le “u”
  3. 3
    Les nasales: en, in, on, un
  4. 4
    Les sons "é, e, è"
  5. 5
    Les terminaisons sonores des temps de verbes
  1. 6
    Les sons "s vs z"
  2. 7
    Les liaisons
  3. 8
    Le rythme de la phrase en français
  4. 9
    La mélodie de la phrase en français
  5. 10
    Les virelangues

Who are Isabelle's pronunciation and conversation lessons perfect for?

  • French learners of level A2 and above
  • English-speaking expats living, working in or travelling to a French-speaking country
  • Busy professionals, parents and students who need to improve their French pronunciation quickly and efficiently.
  • Francophiles who would like to learn more about the culture behind the French language as well as the diction etiquette (Do's & Don'ts!)

Private French Pronunciation & Conversation Coachings with Isabelle

Pardon My French!

CHF 950

You already have level A2 and would like to quickly tweak a few recurrent mistakes.

  • Duration: 1 month
  • 5 private online lessons with Isabelle*
  • Access to all our e-courses

French Up My Life

CHF 1,700

You already have level A2 and would like to get rid of recurrent mistakes once and for all.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • 10 private online lessons with Isabelle*
  • Access to all our e-courses

La vie est belle

CHF 3,300

or 4 x CHF 830

You already have level A2 and would like to feel overall much more confident when speaking French.

  • Duration: 4 months
  • 20 private online lessons with Isabelle*
  • Access to all our e-courses

A la carte sessions : 200 CHF / 60-minute lessons

Click here for more detailed information

  1. Private lessons: *Up to 5 lessons for the 1-month program / 10 lessons for the 3-month program / 20 lessons for the 4-month program, to be scheduled at your own convenience via our online reservation system or with the help of our team. Online lessons for levels A2 and higher and with a special focus on French pronunciation. You can start booking your private lessons following your online purchase.* 
  2. 24 hours cancellation/rescheduling policy: Cancellation and rescheduling of your online lessons must be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. Each lesson can only be rescheduled once.
  3. Contract start date: The start date of your contract corresponds to the date of your first lesson booked and the validity is for 1, 3 or 4 months later, according to the chosen program. Contract extension is not possible.
  4. Bonus access to our e-courses: *Immediate access following your online purchase.*

What our Clients Are Saying About Working With Isabelle

More than 350 expats and French learners like you made the choice to trust our high quality services since 2015.


I was comfortable in asking questions and I especially found the strategies Isabelle gave me very helpful! Linking the correct sounds to words I can pronounce correctly in English was so simple, yet really efficient. The pace was great, I now just need to spend time reviewing and practicing on my own. My favorite part of all was being able to apply the tip I learned from the lessons-- and that is to spell my name!

Starr Benyon


Isabelle is a wonderful teacher with lots of humour. Her classes were the best I have ever had! She has such an interesting personality and I felt I could talk with her for hours about a very wide range of subjects. Her teaching method was really good, even when we had to talk about grammar! I really enjoyed her classes and was quite upset every time the course was over!

Tina Gericke - (Bertelsmann)


Working with Isabelle was a very interesting and efficient experience. Isabelle is a highly qualified teacher who can immediately understand the needs and struggles that busy professionals have when learning a new language. It was my first experience with a private coach and I wanted to improve my spoken and written French skills. I feel so much better now! Isabelle was able to personalize my lessons which were designed to meet my specific work requirements. She made me feel comfortable and gave me the right tools so I can speak much more freely than before. She always made sure to correct my mistakes with tact and consideration, the best way to learn and improve. I highly recommend Isabelle’s private coaching services.

Laura - Landscape Architect


Isabelle is a fantastic teacher and I am delighted I found her to help me progress with French. Her lessons are fun, relevant and interesting. Her style is extremely unique – she is incredibly patient and puts you at ease from the first encounter. Any areas of uncertainty are picked up immediately and her preparation for the next lesson includes these areas. She puts a lot of thought into her lessons and goes the extra mile even when the lesson has finished. I highly recommend her as a language teacher.

Adam Fairfoot - Business Quality & Risk Manager (Barclays Wealth and Investment Management)


Isabelle is a superb teacher of the highest professional standards. I approached Isabelle to provide private, custom tailored business French language development lessons and she exceeded my expectation. She was able to focus on my immediate mandate to improve my French skills while always remaining alert to any gaps in my grammar requiring attention and thus dynamically incorporating revision of such into our lessons. I greatly appreciated her charm and presentation skills in delivering the lessons which provided for achieving measurable progress through the course while always remaining stimulating. I highly recommend Isabelle as a teacher and connoisseur of languages.

Christine Evans - Private Investment Manager


French lessons with Isabelle is the right choice if you need flexibility, if you want to adapt the class to meet your exact needs, and if you want to enjoy your class! I had no experience with online learning before and was a bit skeptical about it all. It ended up being one of the best decisions I recently made! Following the recent birth of my child, I contacted Isabelle because I had to prepare for an important job interview in French. Not only did she prepare me well for the interview with regards to the language requirements, but she also acted as a coach, motivating me and building my self-confidence over the 10 classes we had together. The best thing? I finally got the job I was aiming for!

Brigitte Dietrich - Senior Finance Officer (International Labour Organization, UN)

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See the screenshots below and watch the video to better understand how efficient Isabelle' little tips could be for you!

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Give yourself the right tools to speak French with a native-speaker confidence!

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