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Melih -  PàP Client since 2016,  Founder & CEO of OceanMakers SA

Elizna van Zyl - Senior Manager R&D Portfolio Controlling at Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Imogen Hitchcook 

Super Prof Sandra lit up the French bulb in my son's head!

Literally, it was these lessons with Sandra at Prêt à Parler -all systematically planned and flawlessly executed- that made my son activate the latent French in his repertoire and overcome his mental block over French. All these lessons were meticulously spiraled to increase the depth of his understanding, vocabulary, and his confidence in his abilities as a French speaker- all done in a relaxed and friendly manner.

He is currently preparing for the final interview for his FIDE Dossier and we are confident he will succeed with the help of Prêt à Parler's fide Test Preparation Program.

Ashma Singh GillASG - International School of Geneva 

Sandra found a good balance between helping me improve my overall French language skills and preparing specifically for FIDE Exam.

I had a great experience with regards to preparing for the French Fide exam in Switzerland. I would especially like to thank Sandra, my professor! Her approach worked very well for me as she made sure I focus on learning by doing. She tailored the course material according to my needs. Sandra found a good balance between helping me improve my overall French language skills and preparing specifically for FIDE Exam. Thanks once again to Sandra and Prêt à Parler team!

Manu Jindal

I have tried other methods, but Prêt à Parler is the best!

I have tried other methods, but Prêt à Parler is the best! The programme and the material are engaging and the Super Profs are magnificent! Brice is absolutely brilliant! He has earned the title of being called a 'Super Prof'. He is knowledgeable, kind, charming, and patient and clearly, the student's stupidity does not phase him. He remains encouraging and supportive! I highly recommend improving your French online with Prêt à Parler. I passed A2 for Oral and B1 for Reading and Writing with the Fide Express Programme!


Ich fühle mich nach jeder Lektion besser für die anstehenden Prüfungen gerüstet

Prêt à Parler bietet einen hochstehenden Service an. Die IT Tools sind sehr hilfreich und leicht zu bedienen.
Meine Lernfortschritte werden mir von meinem Umfeld bestätigt. Meine Lehrerin - Laurence - besticht durch Wissen, Freundlichkeit und Flexibilität. Ich fühle mich nach jeder Lektion besser für die anstehenden Prüfungen gerüstet.

Davide Boeri

I can happily say that I achieved B1 for both the oral and written exam.

To prepare for the FIDE exam, I decided to try out Prêt à Parler. BEST DECISION EVER! My super prof is Vincent and he helped me every step of the way. He is professional and incredibly patient, he really helped to make the process of learning and preparing fun and enjoyable. I can happily say that I achieved B1 for both the oral and written exam. 😊 I enjoyed learning with Prêt à Parler so much that I decided to continue with super prof Vincent to further strengthen my French.
I would highly recommend Prêt à Parler, other than Vincent, I’ve had interactions with Isabelle and Lovely and have found them to be incredibly helpful and professional.
Elizna van ZylAccountant

...and prepare me for the FIDE exam, which I took with confidence and passed on first try!

In just five Zoom sessions, Super Prof Yohann was able to efficiently assess my starting level and development areas and prepare me for the FIDE exam, which I took with confidence and passed on first try. Beyond FIDE exam prep, I would recommend Prêt à Parler to all expats in the Swiss Romande region as learning the local language will improve your quality of life and reduce the number of daily moments and insights "lost in translation".

Andrew KimInternational Launch Lead & GM Nordics at Blueprint Medicines

I was able to pass B1 level in both written and verbal communication, with very high scores!

Prêt à Parler exceeded all my expectations.

I decided to strengthen my French skills and got 5 classes of one-to-one coaching, before my Swiss FIDE exam. Aurore was my teacher. She was extremely attentive, listened to my needs, adjusted her style, and gave amazing tips & tricks for how to handle fide exams.

Thanks to outstanding Aurore's coaching, I was able to pass B1 level in both written and verbal communication, with very high scores! BIG THANKS to the full team, and highly recommended not only as a preparation for fide exams, but for overall improvement of French language skills.

Mindaugas ZeromskisGlobal Brand Director at Procter & Gamble

My French improved considerably over the 4 months of lessons!

I would highly recommend Prêt à Parler for anyone wanting to learn or improve their French. It is an easy platform to use and being online, it is efficient for those that are time poor. Yohann was my teacher and he made the lessons enjoyable and relatable to my life, whilst preparing me well for the FIDE exam. My French improved considerably over the 4 months of lessons and I'm please to say I achieved a result of B1 in both the oral and written components!

Emma Martin

My Super Prof Yohann is simply a delight to work with!

I've had bad experiences with other teachers outside of Prêt à Parler who were not encouraging me to speak more. When mistakes were done, they were correcting with a demotivating manner. However my Super Prof Yohann is simply a delight to work with! He encourages me to speak up and when I make mistakes, he corrects them understandably, which motivates me to do better next time. He is simply amazing! Do not waste your precious family & work time with other institutions! PàP is the golden key to unlock your confidence and knowledge to speak French!

Aysegul KarsliGlobal Brand Director P&G

I recommend anyone to book a trial lesson with Prêt à Parler

I've attempted normal conversation groups, but never advanced. I wasn't sure if Prêt à Parler would be similar, but was happy to know it wasn't! My Super Prof Laurence is amazing. I really enjoy our time together. She's very patient and positive - we also have a lot of fun. I recommend anyone to book a trial lesson with Prêt à Parler, you have nothing to lose! Classes are very interactive covering grammar, reading, listening, and speaking.

Tiffany Lee

They work with you in your own way

1-1 attention to learn a new language is extremely beneficial. They work with you in your own way, at your own pace. My Super Prof Yohann is very patient and flexible and is able to adapt easily depending on how I'm grasping something - or not!

Jacqui Edmiston

My Super Prof Laurence is amazing

My Super Prof Laurence is amazing, and always so thoroughly well prepared. I cannot imagine a better learning platform than Prêt à Parler, or a better teacher.

Tyler Clarke

I’m 100% happy with this service !

I started taking lessons with Prêt à Parler about 5 months ago and my French improved so much. Yohann, my French teacher is so patient, friendly and knows exactly what I need from him to improve after carefully evaluating my weakest points when it comes to speaking French. I’m 100% happy with this service !!

Maria EnderliHomemaker and travel aficionado, Geneva

It's worth it! I feel coached vs told what to do/say, and I don't feel stupid for making mistakes now, it's just part of the learning curve...PaP takes the formality out of learning, and makes it fun!

Jodi GillonEurope Brand Capability at P&G, Geneva

The perfect solution for busy people

Prêt à Parler offers the perfect solution for busy people as the class can be done at home or in the office, it's flexible and adapted to your needs!

Astrid Pentz-MurrScientific Affairs Senior Officer at Global Antibiotic R&D Partnership, Geneva

I felt fully prepared for my FIDE exam which I passed with better grades than what I needed

I recommend Prêt à Parler to anyone who is thinking about taking French lessons. The fact that you can book your lessons online makes it super easy to be organised, especially when you are a busy working mom of 2. My french teacher Yohann was excellent - really kind, patient and encouraging. He went at an excellent pace and I felt fully prepared for my FIDE exam which I passed with better grades than what I needed. Isabelle is personable, professional and caring. Don't hesitate to book a language package with them.

Smita SinghMarketing & Communications at EBU (Geneva)

Having attempted to learn French for countless times, I am glad to have finally found a system that works for me

I started my lessons with Prêt à Parler in the summer 2019; 6 months later, I successfully passed the Fide test with B1 in both oral (88%) and written (94%). The remote online lesson, to my positive surprise, is much more effective and focused than the other courses I had taken. The learning experience is engaging and personalized - thanks to my teacher Yohann, and this is supported by a small team who really cares and strives to make the experience better. I especially appreciate the flexibility in time scheduling, which I need due to my work and travel. Having attempted to learn French for countless times, I am glad to have finally found a system that works for me. Sincere and grand merci to my teacher and Isabelle / PàP team! Thank you for turning my French fear into a true pleasure!

Winnie ShiaoStrategic Insights Director, JTI (Geneva)

Supportive team, helped me and worked around my dyslexia

I wouldn't hesitate to contact Prêt à Parler. The team is supportive, reactive to your needs and goals and the whole experience has been a pleasure. My teachers were great, the styles were different but I felt both have worked to help me and work around my dyslexia.

Philippa Mills

Prêt a Parler is exactly what I needed to move forward with my French

Go on and take the plunge! You will not regret it. Prêt a Parler is exactly what I needed to move forward with my French. All in all the perfect choice for me. Yohann was amazing!

Maria Botero

My Super Prof was fantastic!

My Super Prof was fantastic! There is no better teacher than Yohann! It is easy and accessible to use Prêt à Parler to learn French on your own time with a great professor, to build your confidence in speaking French. It has helped me a lot.

Amy Muedin

The approach of Prêt à Parler is very different than any other language program

This program will make all the difference! The approach of Prêt à Parler is very different than any other language program (and I’ve done quite a few!). You can shape the content to a great extent, while learning the language in a fun way. Daniella was a real pleasure! She understands how to give space for the student to choose topics of interest and also include the student’s background and personal stories to be fully engaged in the lesson.

Nadine Abaza

Thanks to Prêt à Parler, I made great progress with regards to my French skills

I have been taking French lessons with Prêt à Parler and their great teachers since 2017. I moved smoothly from A1 to B2 level, and am now working to reach C1. Here is why I like working with Prêt à Parler:

  • Online lessons: When I switched from offline to online, I was afraid that the lessons would become impersonal and less interesting, but I was absolutely wrong. Lessons are still one-to-one and real-time; nothing is lost neither in content nor in the flow of the lessons. Prêt à Parler uses a reliable technology and the connection is smooth. There are several benefits to online lessons: notes are available straight after; lessons can be recorded, etc. Best of all: location doesn't matter. One can be travelling for business or leisure and still continue the lessons. One hour is one hour, nothing less or more. One just needs to pop-up the laptop at the scheduled time and off we go!
  • Instructors: Prêt à Parler's instructors not only have a high command of the French language, but they are also very friendly and have a wide variety of interest areas. During my lessons, we talk about many topics, from AI to politics, from environment to French cinema. In short, lessons are never boring, never limited to textbook conversations. I have also learned a great deal about French culture (food, music, wine, places to go, local customs, etc.) 

To sum up, thanks to Prêt à Parler, I made great progress with regards to my French skills. I now find it much easier to integrate and feel like a local. Give it shot: nothing to lose, a lot to gain!

Melih NurluelPartner at Inveon, Digital Commerce Solutions (Geneva)

I am very happy with teacher Yohann and also with Prêt à Parler.

I am very happy with Yohann as my professor, but also with you (Isabelle) and Prêt à Parler. I find everything so well organized and the systems in place very easy to use and manage (i.e. booking the classes and accessing to the files, webinars, etc.) I had originally contacted several private tutors and programs and none of them had a level of professionalism and organization that you have, which is something very important for me. As this type of learning is an investment, I want to get the most out of it and I really see your services and business in general as a valuable asset you should be very proud of!

Yohann is a really great, very professional and punctual Prof who explains things clearly. I feel super focused during my lesson. One hour goes by very fast, yet I feel like I learn more in that hour than I did previously in a 3-hour intensive classroom setting. It also helps that Yohann takes notes on the documents themselves while I focus on the content of the lesson” It prevents me from being distracted and too busy taking notes. This to me is very valuable. Thank you! You have truly answered my needs of progressing with my French.

Ema StefanovskaCoordinator, IATA Training Operations at International Air Transport Association (Geneva)

I highly recommend the personalized online classes

I have done and tried many French lessons but it was only with Isabelle that I really learned very fast and in a very fun and relaxed way. If you’re preparing for your naturalization in Switzerland or would like to learn to speak and improve your French fast, I highly recommend the personalized online classes of Prêt à Parler.

Lady Cindy ValeraCindy Valera, Lifestyle Blogger (Along Came Cindy), Author and Digital Curator

C’était toujours un plaisir d’apprendre avec elle

Isabelle était ma professeur de français dans un cours de groupe pour les professionnels. Sa positivité exceptionnelle, son bilinguisme et sa façon créative d’enseigner m’ont motivée à même prendre un deuxième cours privé avec Isabelle. Elle a conçu des leçons très variées utilisant différents médias. C’était toujours un plaisir d’apprendre avec elle et j’ai fait de très bons progrès dans un court laps de temps. Malheureusement, Isabelle a quitté Munich et le cours a dû se terminer. Je suis vraiment désolée que mon cours ne puisse pas se poursuivre en personne, mais je recommande chaleureusement Isabelle Nicolas comme professeur de français!

Diana RehnerHead of Security Services Holdings (Caceis Bank)

Isabelle is a top-notch coach

Isabelle and I worked together at educom GmbH while she was a Business Language Coach. I had the opportunity to sit in on her lessons which were well-structured, job relevant and communicative. She uses up-to-date teaching methods and creates a supportive learning environment that engage her learners. Isabelle is a top-notch coach, always gracious and cheerful, and would be a great addition to any team.

Jessica RajandranBusiness Developer Specialized in Training and Development, Learning, and Onboarding

An excellent trainer of Business English and French

Ms. Isabelle Nicolas has been teaching English and French as a Foreign Language Trainer for KMP. Sprachenservice since November 2012. She has conducted several extensive courses at one of our major clients in the Munich area, where she proved to be an excellent trainer of Business English and French. Isabelle Nicolas has a very good command of all linguistic and pedagogical skills expected of a professional language trainer. She prepares thoroughly, structures her classes well and presents her materials and subject matter effectively. She has taught several levels of proficiency for KMP. Sprachenservice and is a highly competent instructor whom students respond to enthusiastically. It remains to be added that Ms. Isabelle Nicolas is highly regarded by students, co-teachers and our administration alike, last but not least due to her warm and outgoing personality.

Fred PossmayerAccount Manager (KMP. Sprachenservice)

Specially selected to teach sample lessons to our most VIP potential customers

Ms. Nicolas taught high profile business clients in need of language and cultural training in Business French, using our virtual classroom. Ms. Nicolas rose to the challenge and provided high quality, tailor-made and professional training for our clients at all times. She distinguished herself by being very attentive to the needs of students and adapting perfectly to their demands and level. She created a safe environment so students can feel at ease speaking French in the workplace, and she will be missed by her students, who rated her very highly. Additionally, her bilingual English and French skills made her a valuable trainer for beginner students, as she was easily able to support students in English when required. Because of Ms. Nicolas’ high level of performance, she was specially selected to teach sample lessons to our most VIP potential customers, something offered only to Learnship’s very best trainers.

Tia RobinsonHead of Operations - Pedagogical Department, (LearnShip Networks GmbH)

Her classes were the best I have ever had!

Isabelle is a wonderful teacher with lots of humour. Her classes were the best I have ever had! She has such an interesting personality and I felt I could talk with her for hours about a very wide range of subjects. Her teaching method was really good, even when we had to talk about grammar! I really enjoyed her classes and was quite upset every time the course was over!

Tina Gericke(Bertelsmann)

Custom-tailoring the speed and intensity of the training to my individual capabilities and motivation

I was fortunate to have Isabelle as a personal language trainer who was even able to give language classes conducted online in a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Isabelle has been a pleasure to work and learn with, as her friendly and engaging nature has created a very enjoyable atmosphere during language lessons that otherwise often tend to be boring and disconnected from the individual student. Her flexible approach, custom-tailoring the speed and intensity of the training to my individual capabilities and motivation, has helped me enjoy the lessons and make progress in my new language.

Andreas Grosse-CoosmannDirector Marketing Northern Europe (Federal-Mogul Aftermarket)

I feel so much better now!

Working with Isabelle was a very interesting and efficient experience. Isabelle is a highly qualified teacher who can immediately understand the needs and struggles that busy professionals have when learning a new language. It was my first experience with a private coach and I wanted to improve my spoken and written French skills. I feel so much better now! Isabelle was able to personalize my lessons which were designed to meet my specific work requirements. She made me feel comfortable and gave me the right tools so I can speak much more freely than before. She always made sure to correct my mistakes with tact and consideration, the best way to learn and improve. I highly recommend Isabelle’s private coaching services.

LauraLandscape Architect

Her style is extremely unique

Isabelle is a fantastic teacher and I am delighted I found her to help me progress with French. Her lessons are fun, relevant and interesting. Her style is extremely unique – she is incredibly patient and puts you at ease from the first encounter. Any areas of uncertainty are picked up immediately and her preparation for the next lesson includes these areas. She puts a lot of thought into her lessons and goes the extra mile even when the lesson has finished. I highly recommend her as a language teacher.

Adam FairfootBusiness Quality & Risk Manager (Barclays Wealth and Investment Management)

A joy to work with

Isabelle is a joy to work with — I took a three-month beginner’s course in French and not only did I learn the basics of French grammar (no mean task), but also managed to have a great time while I was at it. As a coach, Isabelle is dedicated and professional and employs engaging methods to teach the language that range from text books, discussions, online resources, games to avant-garde films making the learning process interesting and fun.

Debashree MajumdarIndependent Editorial Consultant

Exceeded my expectation

Isabelle is a superb teacher of the highest professional standards.  I approached Isabelle to provide private, custom tailored business French language development lessons and she exceeded my expectation.  She was able to focus on my immediate mandate to improve my written French skills while always remaining alert to any gaps in my grammar requiring attention and thus dynamically incorporating revision of such into our lessons.  I greatly appreciated her charm and presentation skills in delivering the lessons which provided for achieving measurable progress through the course while always remaining stimulating.  Particularly interesting was her ability to deliver learning material remotely via Skype, fluidly integrating extensive online resources, which allowed me to continue with the lessons despite my constant travels.  I highly recommend Isabelle as a teacher and connoisseur of languages.

Christine EvansPrivate Investment Manager

I quickly found myself making vast improvements

I came to Geneva without having spoken a word of French before. I found Isabelle to be a very attentive, patient and proactive teacher. The lessons were tailored exactly according to my ‎goals and I quickly found myself making vast improvements in understanding, speaking and writing French. I would strongly recommend Isabelle and I very much look forward to resuming lessons with her when I return to Geneva.”

Jonathan FernandopulleJunior Portfolio Manager (Edmond de Rothschild)

Isabelle totally changed my approach to learning French

I arrived in Geneva two years ago to start a job in a French speaking firm with a very basic level of French. For the first year and a half I went to group lessons and taught myself but I found the lessons long and boring and struggled with motivation to teach myself in my spare time. My private lessons with Isabelle totally changed my approach to learning French. She gave me a lot of confidence speaking French as we discussed topics that were actually relevant to my job and life in Geneva. Isabelle is a fantastic teacher, calm and patient and when I struggled for words or didn’t understand a question, she would explain a different way but always in French. It is a great feeling to be able to work it out all in French without having to switch over to English! I can’t recommend lessons with Isabelle enough, it is well worth the investment!

Tessa McChesneyArchitect

The right choice if you need flexibility

French lessons with Isabelle is the right choice if you need flexibility, if you want to adapt the class to meet your exact needs, and if you want to enjoy your class! I had no experience with online learning before and was a bit skeptical about it all. It ended up being one of the best decisions I recently made! Following the recent birth of my child, I contacted Isabelle because I had to prepare for an important job interview in French. Not only did she prepare me well for the interview with regards to the language requirements, but she also acted as a coach, motivating me and building my self-confidence over the 10 classes we had together. The best thing? I finally got the job I was aiming for!

Brigitte DietrichSenior Finance Officer (International Labour Organization, UN)

Understands the challenges of working parents

We highly recommend taking classes with Isabelle. We worked with Isabelle to prepare for the A2 Level French Exam which we needed to pass in order to obtain our Swiss Permis C. We are happy to confirm that we earned it at the beginning of September 2017! We really enjoyed our classes and we were extremely satisfied with Isabelle’s teaching style and results. We made great progress in a short time period. She encouraged us to speak and practice French as much as possible. Isabelle was very flexible, understanding the challenges of working parents. The classes were a lot of fun. She makes sure to understand what your goal is and then tailors the classes and topics exactly to your needs. She builds your confidence to speak French and has a genuine interest in your progress and in achieving your goal throughout the course.

Lenka & Marcelo GarceteBrand Manager Global Fabric Care (Procter & Gamble), Credit Manager (Alcon)

Pass the A2 exam in October 2018 with a score of 85%

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding support you provided and helped me to pass the A2 exam in October 2018  with a score of 85%. Isabelle & Yohann were a great help which I will always remember. Thank you very much!

Khaled SadeqFamily Business Owner

The best investment we have made!

I am so happy I discovered Prêt à Parler. They have helped our whole family with our integration in Switzerland and applications for our C permits in January 2019. The approach is personalized. Our teacher Yohann tailors our lessons for our specific needs and really invests himself personally to make sure we achieve our goals. Before, I was uncomfortable speaking French (and making mistakes), but Yohann makes the lessons relaxed and helps me speak more freely. On top, the school owner Isabelle really goes above and beyond to help, not just with the lessons but any overall questions and advice on the permit’s process, etc. Prêt à Parler is not just a language school, but a whole support system for our integration. It is the best investment we have made!

Silva Arditi & Ilker Arditi Brand Manager Global Laundry Innovation, Associate Marketing Director (Procter & Gamble)