A Christmas Story

It’s the final countdown until Christmas! Some of you might already be in the holiday spirit and others haven’t started thinking about it as you might still be working hard to complete your final projects at the office. In any case, we are all very busy with our Christmas planning and I’ve got just the right thing […]

Le péché mignon de Dordogne!

A month ago, I introduced you to La Dordogne, one of France’s most beautiful regions. Did you have the chance to watch my video which presented some of the best spécialités culinaires de la région? If someone asked my husband Sam what would his last meal on earth be, he would answer, without any hesitation, le confit […]

Fight For Your Right To Learn!

I was so inspired by the TedXWomen evening (live retransmission from New Orleans) which was held at Cinéma La Scala, in Eaux-Vives, on 2 November. So many speakers were perseverant men and women who fought hard to have access to a good education. I am sure you will agree that we all deserve a quality education given by knowledgeable and respectful teachers. Yes, […]

Never, Ever Give Up!

Are you sometimes thinking about giving up on learning French because it feels too difficult? Let me share a little personal story about life’s challenges. Three years ago, my husband and I moved to Geneva. It was wonderful and so scary at the same time as I had to start everything all over again: making […]

Plus suisse que les Suisses!

I am always proud of my students, especially when I see that they are making good progress due to our common efforts. This week, I am particularly proud of one of my lovely students who successfully completed her final Swiss naturalisation interview on Monday. Toutes mes félicitations, Margaret*! As a high profile business professional and mother of a young […]

Souvenirs de Dordogne!

You know it’s November when everybody around you starts getting sick with the flu and various other autumnal diseases including headaches, sore throats, tiredness, and a strong desire to stay in bed… forever! The last thing a teacher/opera singer needs is to lose her voice! In an effort to prevent any prolonged grippe automnale, I got […]

É vs È: Never Be Confused Again!

Many consider that speaking is the hardest skill to improve when learning a new language. When learning French, you will soon realise that it requires a different use of your jaw, throat, and mouth muscles, which can produce some discomfort and/or tension in your face at the beginning. This is perfectly normal as you are […]

Youpi! C’est le week-end!

Fall definitely is my favourite season. I love taking long walks in the colourful countryside or spending time in Geneva’s cosy cafés for long coffee & chats with friends. I tend to stay a bit more indoors to enjoy some loveydovey time with my hubby! We love baking, reading or watching new Netflix shows together from […]

Pardon my French!

Bonjour du Québec! As some of you already know, I am currently in Quebec, Canada, to spend time with my family and friends as well as to perform in a few concerts and enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday! Did you know that French is one of the two official languages in Canada? In Quebec, we speak québécois, a very different French from the […]

Ces femmes qui parlent français…

Schönen guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren! I am currently in elegant Vienna, Austria, to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. I just love this place! If you have been to this beautiful city before, you must have heard about Elisabeth or Sissi, the famous Empress of Austria. In the German and French-speaking worlds, Elisabeth’s name is often associated with a […]