Are you a busy professional and/or parent?

Is improving French or English on your to-do list?

Does your current work or prospective job require having a good level of Business French or English?

Do you need to prepare for your A2 Conversation Test to get your Permis C or Swiss Naturalisation?

Are you interested in refining your French or English skills to feel more confident in networking events and social gatherings?

Prêt à Parler’s outstanding language coaches are dedicated to your success!


Our unique bilingual approach (French/English) will help you make faster progress, with more fun in the process!

We offer flexible private coaching to fit your busy work schedule and various family commitments.

Here are a few reasons why our clients love learning with us:

  • We foster intuitive learning as opposed to traditional learning-by-heart:
    • Word association: 50% of current English vocabulary is derived from French, with a different pronunciation

  • We promote serious, efficient learning while having fun:
    • Interesting and applied lessons that are relevant for business and everyday life
    • Games for useful vocabulary & grammar
    • Online quizzes on fun subjects related to the francophone and anglophone culture

  • We encourage interactive learning as opposed to passive learning:
    • Use of Zoom (very similar to Skype, but with a better connection and interactive learning tools):
      • Explanations (vocabulary/grammar) can be seen in the chat bar by the participant as they are being written and explained by the teacher and are sent to the participant in a Word Document at the end of each lesson
      • Lessons can be recorded and watched again by the participant at any time following each lesson
    • Use of insightful online tools for Business French & French For Everyday Life:
      • Newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc.
      • Audio & video exercises
      • Prêt à Parler’s Online Learning Platform (extra exercises, videos, quizzes, games, and much more!)

  • We nurture a positive, encouraging approach:
    • Positive reinforcement throughout the lesson to boost motivation and self-confidence
    • Lots of learning tips and different teaching methods to better adapt to our clients’ various needs and learning styles.
    • Special focus on French and English pronunciation to help you boost your confidence

Choose the right path into your French or English journey now!