fide Test Mock Exam

We have developed this exclusive mock exam to help you prepare for this very important Swiss exam. It is based on our extensive exam preparation experience as well as the most common scenarios our clients have been faced with through the years.

Permis C / Swiss naturalisation

Are you a resident of one of the 7 French-speaking cantons of Switzerland and would like to successfully pass your fide test in order to obtain your Permis C or Swiss naturalisation?

If you want to stay in Switzerland in the long term, you will eventually need to pass the A2/B1 fide oral and written test.

Applicants for residency or work permits in Suisse romande must indeed demonstrate their speaking, comprehension and writing skills in the local language, a pre-requisite in order to later obtain your Permis C (régulier/anticipé) or Swiss Naturalisation.

fide Test Mock Exam


If you:

  • are not familiar with the fide test format and don’t know what to expect
  • are struggling to find relevant mock exams to prepare for your upcoming examination date

Then you have landed on the right page! Pas de stress as Prêt à Parler has created the perfect last minute preparation tool for you!

Our examen blanc was designed in-house by our Super Profs and is based on the official fide test. It includes all necessary instructions, audio files and answer sheet. Our Super Profs are fide test preparation experts and have helped dozens of French learners like you successfully pass the exam since its creation in January 2019.


We have developed an exclusive fide test mock exam to help you prepare for this very important Swiss exam. It is based on our extensive exam preparation experience as well as the most common scenarios our clients have been faced with through the years.

With Prêt à Parler’s Examen blanc, you will be able to:

  • Better understand the fide test format so you know what to expect when the big day comes
  • Replicate the experience you're going to have when you will be taking the exam
  • Feel more comfortable and confident when you will actually be taking the exam.

fide Test Mock Exam

chf 65

chf 17

  • 3 modules on Reading and Writing
  • 3 parts on Speaking and Understanding
  • Audio files
  • Pdf documents
  • Answer sheet

Which level do you need for the fide exam?

  • A1 à l'oral - Regroupement familial: pour l'octroi et la prolongation d'une autorisation de séjour (B). 
  • A2 à l'oral / A1 à l'écrit - Regroupement familial: pour l'octroi de l'autorisation d'établissement (C).
  • A2 à l'oral / A1 à l'écrit - Pour l'octroi de l'autorisation d'établissement (C). 
  • B1 à l'oral / A1 à l'écrit - Pour l'octroi anticipé de l'autorisation d'établissement (C). 
  • B1 à l'oral / A2 à l'écrit - Pour l'acquisition de la nationalité suisse (les exigences cantonales peuvent être plus élevées).

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Great platform offering a variety of different options to learn French as an English-speaking expat: from free (!) online content (podcasts, newsletter, games, etc) to tailored class packages (interactive platform, pre-recorded classes for Every Day Life French or private lessons). Topped up with great staff and customer service. I can definitely recommend reaching out to them if you are looking to improve your French

Valentina Bianchi - Scientist in T-Cell and Immunotherapy

Prêt à Parler bietet einen hochstehenden Service an. Die IT Tools sind sehr hilfreich und leicht zu bedienen.

Meine Lernfortschritte werden mir von meinem Umfeld bestätigt. Meine Lehrerin - Laurence - besticht durch Wissen, Freundlichkeit und Flexibilität. Ich fühle mich nach jeder Lektion besser für die anstehenden Prüfungen gerüstet.

Davide Boeri

J'utilise Prêt à Parler (PaP) depuis plus d'un an avec SuperProf Brice qui me guide à travers la langue française. J'ai commencé à apprendre le français en cours collectifs dans mon institut de français local, mais j'ai découvert que j'avais besoin de cours particuliers pour passer au niveau supérieur. Brice & PaP ont été excellents en m'aidant à me développer dans des domaines où je n'avais pas assez de pratique dans les cours en groupe. J'ai également trouvé utiles certaines des activités supplémentaires de PaP, en particulier les webinaires commerciaux de Yohan. Leur administratrice, Lovely, répond rapidement aux questions et est très professionnelle. Brice a également passé du temps avec mon partenaire et lui a donné la confiance nécessaire pour passer le FIDE. 5 étoiles tout autour

Willem Vlotman - Commercial Manager

Prêt à Parler exceeded all my expectations.

I decided to strengthen my French skills and got 5 classes of one-to-one coaching, before my Swiss fide exam. Aurore was my teacher. She was extremely attentive, listened to my needs, adjusted her style, and gave amazing tips & tricks for how to handle fide exams.

Thanks to outstanding Aurore's coaching, I was able to pass B1 level in both written and verbal communication, with very high scores!

BIG THANKS to the full team, and highly recommended not only as a preparation for fide exams, but for overall improvement of French language skills.

Mindaugas Zeromskis - Global Brand Director at Procter & Gamble

Pass the fide test with flying colors!

Prepare yourself with our fide test mock exam, carefully crafted by our experienced teachers and based on the official exam.

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