French Friday

Would you like to better integrate French in your everyday life?

Are you eager to review and put into practice what you have learned in your French classes, but don’t feel ready or comfortable enough to do it in a French only environment?

Join us at our next French Friday!

What is French Friday exactly?

 Great conversation + Delicious Food + Happy Participants = French Friday with Isabelle! 🥂

  • A structured, yet relaxed conversation event where you can dare to speak French while having fun!
  • 3 to 10 Francophiles with a good basic knowledge of French (A2 minimum) who want to speak French.
  • 1 Native Speaker: Isabelle (Founder & Language Coach @Prêt à Parler) to guide you through the process and offer her help, tips, and advice.
  • 2 ½ hours of French Conversation during which you can have lunch and/or drinks (at your own cost) over your lunch break.
  • Dive into the francophone culture by enjoying the fine cuisine prepared by Hôtel Eastwest’s excellent chef. (32 CHF: entrée&plat / 37 CHF: entrée&plat&café gourmand / à la carte choice)
  • Enjoy the friendly and cosy environment of Hôtel Eastwest’s elegant Salon bibliothèque, reserved exclusively for us.
  • You may arrive a bit later and/or leave earlier to better fit your busy schedule.
  • Explanations in English, when necessary, so you don’t get lost in translation!
  • Cost: 5 CHF (to be paid 2 days before the event via Paypal or Bank Transfer)

Not sure what your French level is?

Test Your French Level Here

Next conversation event:

Friday, 12 January 2017

11.15 – 13.45

Hôtel Eastwest**** (a 5 minutes walk from Gare Cornavin)

*Registration closes 2 days prior to the event.*

During this event, you will:

  • Talk about your childhood memories using the following verb tenses: passé composé, imparfait & plus-que-parfait
  • Learn new vocabulary, expressions, and pronunciation tips in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Receive helpful input to boost your confidence and improve your French conversation.

Be ready to:

  • Introduce yourself in French & Ask questions to the other participants
  • Share with us how you used to be as a child and talk about your family (personality, daily routine, elementary & high school)
  • Tell us about your dearest/funniest/cringiest childhood memories
  • Dare! Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: it’s the best way to learn!

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Our last conversation event: 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Our participants learned new vocabulary and expressions related to their daily life in Geneva.
By the end of the event, they were able to:
– Talk about the traditions around La fête de l’Escalade, la Saint-Nicolas, Noël, la Saint-Sylvestre, le Boxing Day, le jour de l’an et la fête des rois.
– Send holiday wishes in French
– Say how they celebrate Les fêtes de fin d’années with their family.

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I enjoyed this gathering so much and I found it very useful with regards to correcting certain spoken mistakes as well as learning new concepts and expressions. Isabelle is just excellent in explaining everything clearly and engages with each and everyone, giving the person time and help to express themselves. Thank you Isabelle for a superb time spent together! 

(Nadine, from Egypt/Denmark)

Thank you Isabelle for a fabulous French Friday! It was a lot of fun. I have had many French Canadian teachers and you are my favorite one. I was very happy to have the opportunity to speak French, learn new vocabulary, have my French corrected and meet other French students. Looking forward to the next French Friday in May!

(Anna, from Canada)

J’ai eu bien du plaisir avec Isabelle et les autres participants à parler français tout en dégustant un bon repas à l’Hôtel Eastwest! Je trouve qu’Isabelle est une excellente professeure de français: vraiment patiente, créative et pleine d’astuces à partager.  J’apprends le français depuis 6 mois à Genève et je crois qu’Isabelle est la meilleure professeure que j’ai rencontrée ici jusqu’à aujourd’hui.  J’aurais aimé la connaître quand j’ai commencé au niveau A1 car commencer à apprendre une langue est toujours difficile.  Selon moi, Isabelle doit être également excellente avec les étudiants plus avancés, notamment grâce à sa perspective internationale sur beaucoup de sujets.

(Cissy Li, from China)

It was great to be able to use the language to exchange the ideas with other Francophile. You can tell that Isabelle is patient, inspiring, encouraging and well-prepared for this event. Each participant has equal amount of time to speak and share through this communicative and interactive activities designed by Isabelle. Thanks again to Isabelle for the effort. I enjoyed it a lot!

(Chi, from Taiwan)

Thanks a lot for organizing this great event, Isabelle! I really enjoyed the conversations and learned a lot. The venue was great, too.

(Melanie, from Germany)

Excellent! Isabelle is a wonderful host, teacher and connector, enabling everyone to comfortably practice their French in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Merci beaucoup!

(Tanya, from England)

Ce fut un énorme plaisir pour moi d’avoir pu assister à votre French Friday. C’était riche en informations et très bien organisé.  Je vous félicite pour votre super travail!

(Ibrahim, from Marocco)

Thanks for organising this great event, Isabelle! It was a relaxed environment and a fun way to practice French!

(Lucy, from England)

Thank you Isabelle for a great event. I enjoyed everything: the company of very nice people, the conversation, the lunch! It was my first time and I was speaking a lot!

(Petra, from Czech Republic)

Isabelle est une très bonne enseignante, vraiment passionnée par son travail.  Pendant les French Fridays, je me sens très à l’aise de discuter de différents sujets avec elle et les autres participants. Merci, Isabelle, pour tous tes précieux conseils qui me permettent d’améliorer mon français.

(Kristiana, from Greece)

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French Friday is all about speaking French while having fun.

Will you dare to join us?

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*Registration closes 2 days prior to the event.*

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