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Put a Spring in your French with our special offer!

Are you eager to improve your French, but simply don't know where to start?

Les Super Profs de Prêt à Parler highly recommend starting out with our French Learning Bundle, the perfect learning companion for learners of all levels, especially if:

  • You need a flexible solution which will fit your busy schedule
  • You are looking for in-depth learning and fine-tuning e-courses to help you get to your desired level of French
  • You prefer to learn independently, at your own pace, before investing in private lessons
  • You are looking for a combination of independent e-learning and private lessons to put what you learn into practice


With our French Learning Bundle you will be able to

Get to your desired French level

Whether you are a beginner (A0), elementary (A1 to A2), intermediate (B1) or more advanced (B2-C1) learner, we recommend that you start with French For Everyday Life. And then, when you feel ready, you can book your private lessons with one of our Super Profs to put into practice what you learn in our e-courses. This program is the perfect combination for independent learners who are not ready to invest in our premium programs yet.

Prepare for your French language exams

If you are planning to apply for your Permis C or Swiss Naturalisation in the near future, our Preparation e-course for the fide test will come in extremely handy to you, especially for the comprehension, listening and writing parts. If you want to prepare for the DELF A1, A2 or B1, you will find everything you need in our e-courses French For Everyday Life and French Toolbox. To prepare for the oral parts of the French language exams, we highly recommend that you take private lessons with one of our Super Profs who are all French language exam specialists.

examen blanc FIDE

Stay focused, motivated, and supported throughout your learning experience

Easily navigate through our signature e-courses within our beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly learning platform created in-house by the Prêt à Parler Team of admins, teachers, and web designers. Get 24/7 private access to our e-courses via your client login located on the menu of our homepage. Receive quick support whenever you need it from Miha, our chief of operations and technology, as well as Lovely, our head of client happiness. 

Better integrate French into your daily life

Make the most of your private lessons to focus on what your really need to improve your French speaking skills. Whether you want to find solutions to your everyday challenges in French, acquire the right vocabulary to finally be able to express what you have in mind with the locals or prepare for your next job interview, our très sympa Super Profs are here for you. Rest assured that they will answer any questions you might have about learning French.

Our multilingual native French-speaking Super Profs are or have all been expats themselves. Our CEO Isabelle is originally from Montreal, Canada, and has been living in Suisse romande since 2014. She has two children who were born here and are attending the public crèche and school systems. She lives in Nyon, in the Vaud Canton. Like many of you, she has a Permis C and is in the process of applying for her Swiss naturalisation.

La Famille Prêt à Parler is here to make you feel at home in French!

Disclaimer: Prêt à Parler CH does not carry out fide tests and is not yet accredited for any of the fide procedures. However, our team of Super Profs has been helping our clients to successfully pass their fide test in Suisse romande since January 2019. Our online preparation program for the fide test, blog articles, social media posts and videos are meant to help fide applicants better understand and prepare for their exam.

Introducing ZE French Learning Bundle!

There are so many online methods and various books on how to learn French on the market, but none of them are specifically adapted to busy English-speaking expats and learners who are living or working in a French-speaking country.

Les Super Profs Prêt à Parler have spent a lot of time designing and creating an online French learning program which would best answer the needs of real beginners, intermediate and more advanced learners. Our signature e-courses will help you review and fine-tune the key grammar and vocabulary points while your private lessons with our Super Profs will enable you to interact more confidently in your everyday life in French.

But, what's included?

  • 5 private lessons with one of our Super Profs 
  • 12-month access to Preparation for the fide test e-course
  • 12-month access to French For Everyday Life
  • 12-month access to French Toolbox
  • Access to our Signature Swiss French Test

If you are looking for an efficient, relevant, interactive, and fun approach to learning French online, we highly recommend subscribing to our program!

Our French Learning Bundle includes

French for Everyday Life E-course

Get from level A0 to A2 within 12 months or less! Intermediate French learners (B1-B2) will also enjoy our e-course to review and consolidate their basic French knowledge. 200+ hours of French lessons in the form of videos, written explanations and audio examples, quizzes, exercises, tests and much more!  Learn More

Preparation for the fide test e-course

Follow our step-by-step guide to successfully prepare for the various parts of the A1, A2 and B1 oral and written exams. Video recorded lessons with our Super Profs Yohann and Brice.  Learn More

examen blanc FIDE

Swiss French Test

Test your Swiss French and everyday life knowledge with Prêt à Parler's exclusive Swiss French Test (designed in-house by our Super Profs), includes audio files and answer sheet.

French Toolbox

Make improving French a habit with our 80+ video French Lessons with Super Prof Yohann! Divided in two learning paths: Everyday French & Business French.  Learn More

Your Investment Into Your Success

Join La Famille Prêt à Parler

We are a tight-knitted team of admin and teachers who care about each other, like a family. As multilingual citizens of the world, we understand the struggles of living abroad.

We offer a memorable and highly engaging French learning experience. We love to see our clients succeed and we always do our very best to make it happen.

With us, you don't only learn French. You learn how to integrate it in your everyday life and you become part of our international family.

If you are looking for a complete toolkit which will provide extensive explanations on topics that you don't quite understand yet, then our French Learning Bundle will definitely facilitate your learning experience and help you progress more quickly and efficiently.

Our offer ends on 22nd May at 23:59!


You missed out!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and make tremendous progress?

French Learning Bundle

CHF 2,898

Spring Offer discounted price:

CHF 899

  • BONUS : 5 private lessons with one of our Super Profs (value 600 CHF)
  • 12-month access to Preparation for the fide test e-course (value 1,055 CHF)
  • 12-month access to French For Everyday Life (value 679 CHF)
  • 12-month access to French Toolbox (value 499 CHF)
  • Access to our Signature Swiss French Test

A Few Words From Our Ravis French Learners

More than 350 expats and French learners like you made the choice to trust our high quality services since 2015.

I started my lessons with Prêt à Parler in the summer 2019; 6 months later, I successfully passed the Fide test with B1 in both oral (88%) and written (94%). The remote online lesson, to my positive surprise, is much more effective and focused than the other courses I had taken. The learning experience is engaging and personalized - thanks to my teacher Yohann, and this is supported by a small team who really cares and strives to make the experience better. I especially appreciate the flexibility in time scheduling, which I need due to my work and travel. Having attempted to learn French for countless times, I am glad to have finally found a system that works for me. Sincere and grand merci to my teacher and Isabelle / PàP team! Thank you for turning my French fear into a true pleasure!

Winnie Shiao

I was not satisfied with my French level before starting the French Toolbox. I kept doing the same mistakes and needed to improve. The French Toolbox has helped me boost my motivation to keep learning and I noticed progress when I started especially in speaking (vocabulary) and writing.

Melanie Bietz

This is a very affordable, convenient, and effective way to learn French online. My professor customizes my learning materials and the way she teaches depending on my level and progress. Most of all, I have gained my confidence in speaking without necessarily going out of my house.

Yoshiyuki Oshima -  Technical Officer / UN Plus Coordinator at UNAIDS

I would highly recommend Prêt à Parler for anyone wanting to learn or improve their French. It is an easy platform to use and being online, it is efficient for those that are time poor. Yohann was my teacher and he made the lessons enjoyable and relatable to my life, whilst preparing me well for the FIDE exam. My French improved considerably over the 4 months of lessons and I'm please to say I achieved a result of B1 in both the oral and written components!

Emma Martin

I am really enjoying my lessons with Sandra. She is very fast yet effective which I really like. She helps a lot with pronunciation and makes French learning more approachable for a beginner like me.

Fecianti  - Architect and Urbanist

I would highly recommend Prêt à Parler to anyone who either wants to improve their French level or want to take an official test. I used to listen to different Webinars in the evenings after work, while making dinners and did exercises online whenever I could. I also took some lessons with Yohann who is very organised, patient, and funny, and gave me a lot of tips to use in the DELF B1 exam.

Maria Poacher -  PàP Client since June 2021

J'utilise Prêt à Parler (PaP) depuis plus d'un an avec SuperProf Brice qui me guide à travers la langue française. J'ai commencé à apprendre le français en cours collectifs dans mon institut de français local, mais j'ai découvert que j'avais besoin de cours particuliers pour passer au niveau supérieur. Brice & PaP ont été excellents en m'aidant à me développer dans des domaines où je n'avais pas assez de pratique dans les cours en groupe. J'ai également trouvé utiles certaines des activités supplémentaires de PaP, en particulier les webinaires commerciaux de Yohan. Leur administratrice, Lovely, répond rapidement aux questions et est très professionnelle. Brice a également passé du temps avec mon partenaire et lui a donné la confiance nécessaire pour passer le FIDE. 5 étoiles tout autour.

Willem Vlotman - Commercial Manager / PàP Client since 2020

Great platform offering a variety of different options to learn French as an English-speaking expat: from free (!) online content (podcasts, newsletter, games, etc) to tailored class packages (interactive platform, pre-recorded classes for Every Day Life French or private lessons). Topped up with great staff and customer service. I can definitely recommend reaching out to them if you are looking to improve your French

Valentina Bianchi - Scientist in T-Cell and Immunotherapy

Prêt à Parler bietet einen hochstehenden Service an. Die IT Tools sind sehr hilfreich und leicht zu bedienen.

Meine Lernfortschritte werden mir von meinem Umfeld bestätigt. Meine Lehrerin - Laurence - besticht durch Wissen, Freundlichkeit und Flexibilität. Ich fühle mich nach jeder Lektion besser für die anstehenden Prüfungen gerüstet.

Davide Boeri

Excellent service and support from the whole team. I've been working on my French with super professor Vincent and it has been a great experience. A great company focused on its customers.

Lloyd Trinidad -  Head of Global Business & Marketing - Core Business Unit at Logitech

I recommend Prêt à Parler to anyone who is thinking about taking French lessons. The fact that you can book your lessons online makes it super easy to be organised, especially when you are a busy working mom of 2. My French teacher Yohann was excellent - really kind, patient and encouraging. He went at an excellent pace and I felt fully prepared for my FIDE exam which I passed with better grades than what I needed. Isabelle is personable, professional and caring. Don't hesitate to book a language package with them.

Smita Singh

A word from our Founder and CEO, 
Isabelle Nicolas

As a native Québécoise born to a Franco-Belgian family, now living in Nyon with my two children, I am no stranger to the expat reality. Trained as a professional opera singer, my passion for arts and languages led me to become an ambassador of the French language & francophone culture, i.e. a French Teacher!

I founded Prêt à Parler in January 2015 with the idea to make learning French as enjoyable and useful as can be. Since then my team and I have been hard at work helping English-speaking expats make French part of their everyday life! Prêt à Parler's mission is based on what we do best: helping busy professionals and parents improve their language skills by providing a high quality, eco-friendly, fun, no-nonsense approach to learning French online!

Bienvenue dans le merveilleux monde du français!

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