It’s beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Plus que 5 jours avant Noël!

How is your French storytelling? Did you like my little Christmas gift?

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to listen to my audio versions (slow and normal speed) of the Christmas story, which I encourage you to share with your family and friends!

Try to speak slowly and as clearly as possible. Don’t forget intonation! Make your story fun to listen to and bring your characters to life.

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Les souhaits du temps des fêtes

Can you write Holiday wishes in French?  Are you planning on sending a Christmas card to your child’s éducateur/éducatrice/professeur?

Here is a little document to help you write une belle carte de Noël.

Christmas Vocabulary Triva Quiz

🎄How do we say “Merry Christmas” in French? Are you familiar with the traditions of “les fêtes de fin d’année”? 🎄

Test your knowledge now with my special Holiday Vocab Trivia Quiz!

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I hope you now have more tools to boost your confidence and better integrate French in your everyday life!


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