Things you should know before moving to Geneva

Things you should know before moving to Geneva

Are you planning to move to Geneva? Bravo ! You are about to start a new life in a city where 45% of the inhabitants hold a foreign passport, so pas de soucis, you are not alone. This international city is one of the top expatriate destinations in the world, and we are not surprised as Geneva has so much to offer!

Whatever your reasons, moving abroad is a brave step and a glorious adventure, so it is important you get ready. Here is some essential information you should think about before taking the leap:

Finance. Faire des économies.

We cannot argue that money matters. So, saving as much as you can before the big day will make things much easier. You should be ready to spend a good amount of money, especially during the first months.

Once you get there, getting a bank account should be one of your priorities.

Healthcare. Prenez soin de votre santé.

Switzerland has the best healthcare system in Europe, but don’t forget that any person living in the country has to take out basic medical insurance. It is important you do it within three months of moving to the country.

Housing. Trouvez la maison de vos rêves.

It is not unusual for people in Geneva live in rented accommodation, in fact, around 70 per cent of the resident population does not own a property. When it comes to renting, Geneva’s prices are similar to London or Paris, so we would recommend starting your search as soon as possible.

Languages. Parlez français !

As you know, Geneva is in the French speaking part of Switzerland and this is evident everywhere. Wouldn’t you enjoy life more if you could speak the local language?. As a leading language school, it is our mission to encourage you to learn French, as it will definitely improve your life in so many ways. 

If your goal is to live in Switzerland on a long-term basis, you'll have to apply for your Permis C or Swiss naturalisation in the near future. And in order to do so, you will need to take the FIDE test which is a certified and recognized proof of language issued by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM). It has been specially developed for everyday life in Switzerland and even though this is not a hard exam, there are certain things you should know before preparing for it. You can read more about the FIDE test here.

Whenever you decide to go for it, we want to help you succeed!

Our Prêt à FIDE Signature E-course is a bespoke preparation program that includes 12 modules designed to help you nail your exam, grammar tips and vocabulary exercises, practice papers and much more.

For more in-depth learning experience, check out our FIDE Express Preparation program which includes both e-courses and private classes taylored for you!

Que l'aventure commence !

Sonia - Prêt à Parler team


Foreign languages have always been an important part of Sonia’s life. After getting her degree in Arts and Graphic Design and a Master’s Degree in Education, she moved from her country, Spain, to England where she has been living for the last ten years. She has worked in international schools and companies, and in 2013 she founded her own language school.

This journey has left her with countless life lessons that she feels privileged to have learned first hand. She truly believes that learning a language can change you in ways you probably don’t imagine, and she tries to transmit this message across Prêt à Parler social media by creating powerful images and meaningful content.

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