Pardon my French!

Bonjour du Québec! As some of you already know, I am currently in Quebec, Canada, to spend time with my family and friends as well as to perform in a few concerts and enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday! Did you know that French is one of the two official languages in Canada? In Quebec, we speak québécois, a very different French from the […]

Ces femmes qui parlent français…

Schönen guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren! I am currently in elegant Vienna, Austria, to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. I just love this place! If you have been to this beautiful city before, you must have heard about Elisabeth or Sissi, the famous Empress of Austria. In the German and French-speaking worlds, Elisabeth’s name is often associated with a […]

Un café, s.v.p.!

Besides saying ”Bonjour, merci & au revoir”, the next thing any expat living in or visiting a French speaking country must learn is how to order coffee. As everyone knows, ”a café a day keeps the grumpy away”! Here are 5 Very Useful Tips to order your café à la française! 1. Greet & Be Polite Bonjour! (Good day!) Use at any time […]

Save Your Drama For The Dalai Lama!

I have been doing yoga for more than three years. I am far from being a yogi, but I can see the progress I have made over the years as I increase my flexibility, strength, and endurance. I also love yoga because it helps me to breathe deeply, to stay focused on the present moment, to […]

Shop Til You Drop

Vive le shopping et les soldes! It finally is the sale season across Europe, Switzerland, and the UK! As a native Canadian (Happy Belated Canada Day!), I was used to clothing being on sale all year round. Now that I live in Geneva, I have learned how to make the most of the sale season for the best rapport qualité/prix […]

La fièvre du yoga!

One great way to improve your basic knowledge of a foreign language is to attend a fitness class given in that language. I have tested this ”language bootcamp” when I was living in Munich, Germany. It did really help to improve my German so I could better enjoy my everyday life in Bavaria. One of my favourite classes was yoga. […]

Vive les vacances!

C’est l’été! À moi la plage, les robes soleil et les cocktails sirotés au bord du lac! Every year, I get super excited about the summer holidays! It is especially exciting for me this year as it is going to be a very busy summer of travels around the globe to see my beloved Canadian family and friends and […]

Qu’en pensez-vous?

People often ask me why I love languages so much. Well, I think the main reason is because I really like to travel and to discover new cultures and ways of thinking. Learning and improving a new language is the key to better understanding other cultures. Speaking another language definitely expands your horizon and help you […]

Business French: Le réseautage

One of my students recently asked me if I had some tricks to help her feel more comfortable in social gatherings in French. No matter how well one speaks a foreign language, it is always nerve-racking to enter a room full of strangers who seem to already know each other. I still get butterflies in my stomach […]

Music For The Soul

Many say that la musique est le poumon de notre société (music is the lung of our society). I truly believe that we need art and beautiful, inspiring music to breath better, every single day. As some of you already know, aside from teaching French and English, I also love… singing opera! I am delighted to announce that […]